Leonardo da Vinci did a great job hiding secret stories in the paintings he created. Nowadays, in the time of digital images, he would have hidden this information in the alpha channel of his paintings.

What is steganography.js?

Steganography is the art and science of hiding messages or other secret information in a bunch of carrier information. steganography.js is a JavaScript library which provides this functionality for hiding information in images.

How does it work?

The library processes the given message to binary data and hides all this information in the alpha channel of a given image usign the HTML5 canvas element.

Where does it work?

steganography.js works on every browser which supports the HTML5 canvas element. However, it has been tested on Chrome, Opera, IE 9, Firefox and Safari.

Why use steganography.js?

steganography.js is very simple to use. You only need a HTML5 ready browser which supports the canvas element and all your information will be save inside your images from now on.
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